Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose


Vienna's Seventh Month
Best of Vienna Photos from My Seventh Month, October 2000.
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20001021vienna27a.jpg (35931 bytes)
Gsteig Kirche, where Vienna was Christened, 
Oct 1, 2000.

20001021vienna45a.jpg (40999 bytes)
Christine and Tante Roberta.
20001021vienna46a.jpg (37187 bytes)
20001021vienna47a.jpg (36725 bytes)
Super Max.
20001020vienna47a.jpg (38188 bytes)
Super Max, Daddy, and Me.

20001021vienna48a.jpg (34883 bytes)
Gotti Karin.

20001021vienna49a.jpg (32680 bytes)
Gotti Vicki.
20001020vienna41a.jpg (37522 bytes)
Brian and Christine, Parents, Me, and Gottis.

20001020vienna58a.jpg (26536 bytes)
Daddy and Me.
20001119vienna1a.jpg (20980 bytes)
20001020vienna57a.jpg (30827 bytes)
20001020vienna37a.jpg (33788 bytes)
Good food here.
20001020vienna38a.jpg (27908 bytes)
Mommy and Gotti Karin.

20001020vienna39a.jpg (28623 bytes)
The Swiss Ritters at the Beau Site.
20001119vienna13a.jpg (25904 bytes)
20001020vienna42a.jpg (29341 bytes)
Me and Christine.

20001020vienna43a.jpg (32103 bytes)
Cute one with Gotti Karin.
20001020vienna44a.jpg (28195 bytes)
Us again.
20001020vienna45a.jpg (32665 bytes)
I like Gotti Vicki.
20001020vienna46a.jpg (31708 bytes)
Got cows?
20001021vienna83a.jpg (224143 bytes)
Me, my trachte, and Mommy.
20001021vienna84a.jpg (208579 bytes)
Cutest trachte pictures.
20001021vienna85a.jpg (190707 bytes)
I'm nervous, so I'm sucking my thumb, OK?

20001021vienna86a.jpg (256943 bytes)
Gsteig covered bridge.
20001021vienna87a.jpg (201890 bytes)
Last trachte picture, I hope.
20001020vienna27a.jpg (63608 bytes)
Hiker Dudes.
20001020vienna12a.jpg (28924 bytes)
Jungfraus in the park.

20001020vienna11a.jpg (49197 bytes)
Hiking again, and liking it.
20001020vienna23a.jpg (19125 bytes)
3 Jungfraus.
20001119vienna12a.jpg (27583 bytes)
20001020vienna19a.jpg (14949 bytes)
Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

20001020vienna18a.jpg (21088 bytes)
A bit farther away.
20001021vienna52a.jpg (20294 bytes)
Nice view.
20001021vienna53a.jpg (21776 bytes)
20010122vienna1a.jpg (55718 bytes)
20001021vienna50a.jpg (17978 bytes)
Laying here looking good.
20001020vienna20a.jpg (20903 bytes)
Frau and Jungfraus.
20001020vienna16a.jpg (43961 bytes)
Daddy spying on me back here.
20001021vienna51a.jpg (49717 bytes)
They must like this park or something.

20001021vienna56a.jpg (46290 bytes)
20001021vienna57a.jpg (49026 bytes)
Grindelwald Firstbahn.

20001021vienna58a.jpg (22572 bytes)
Going up.
20001021vienna59a.jpg (31549 bytes)
Green pastures.
20001021vienna54a.jpg (25426 bytes)
What's that white stuff?
20001021vienna61a.jpg (292936 bytes)
Grindelwald wegsign.

20001021vienna62a.jpg (281632 bytes)
Momma ready to hike.
20001021vienna60a.jpg (219576 bytes)
First snowball.
20001021vienna63a.jpg (217484 bytes)
Fog coming in.
20001021vienna55a.jpg (40342 bytes)
Wall of snow.
20001021vienna64a.jpg (263742 bytes)
Momma hiker.
20001021vienna65a.jpg (183959 bytes)
Well-defined snow line.
20001021vienna66a.jpg (199698 bytes)
Nice views everywhere.

20001021vienna67a.jpg (244378 bytes)
More gletchers.
20001021vienna68a.jpg (227968 bytes)
This sure is fun.
20001021vienna69a.jpg (298343 bytes)
Great picnic spot.
20001021vienna70a.jpg (256082 bytes)
Snowy meadow.
20001021vienna71a.jpg (240132 bytes)
Are we there yet?
20001021vienna72a.jpg (250424 bytes)
Hiking at the top of the world.

20001021vienna73a.jpg (240852 bytes)
I may be sleeping.
20001021vienna74a.jpg (234485 bytes)
Too much schnee.
20001021vienna75a.jpg (260380 bytes)
Pointy mountain.
20001021vienna76a.jpg (231989 bytes)
Never too old to hike.

20001021vienna77a.jpg (203939 bytes)
There's that snow line again.
20001021vienna78a.jpg (238482 bytes)
Too steep even for snow.
20001021vienna81a.jpg (258796 bytes)
Nice bells.

20001021vienna82a.jpg (286654 bytes)
Nice flowers.
20001021vienna90a.jpg (257155 bytes)
More flowers.
20001021vienna79a.jpg (232883 bytes)
Snow fences.
20001021vienna80a.jpg (284445 bytes)
Smart Car
20001021vienna88a.jpg (228925 bytes)
Grass Surfing.
20001021vienna91a.jpg (195090 bytes)
Beau Site.
20001021vienna92a.jpg (187312 bytes)
Second prettiest Jungfrau.

20001021vienna89a.jpg (247922 bytes)
Another wegsign.
20001020vienna49a.jpg (34298 bytes)
Doesn't look real.
20001021vienna93a.jpg (244377 bytes)
What the?
20001021vienna94a.jpg (245115 bytes)
Now that's funny.
20001021vienna95a.jpg (231447 bytes)
Did someone say, "Dinner"?

20001021vienna98a.jpg (231655 bytes)
Messy eater.
20001119vienna5a.jpg (21987 bytes)
20001021vienna96a.jpg (209701 bytes)
Eliane and Ladina.
20001021vienna100a.jpg (30195 bytes)
Ladina at 2 weeks, now there's a baby.

20001021vienna97a.jpg (244468 bytes)
Eliane's Mom, Mia.
20001021vienna99a.jpg (211521 bytes)
Eliane's sister, Alessandra, and daughter.
20001213vienna1a.jpg (19545 bytes)
20001020vienna50a.jpg (20869 bytes)

20001020vienna54a.jpg (15150 bytes)
20001020vienna53a.jpg (27242 bytes)
20001130vienna3a.jpg (24671 bytes) 20001130vienna1a.jpg (20961 bytes)
20001021vienna101a.jpg (39130 bytes)
Me and Whosit.
20001021vienna102a.jpg (25341 bytes)
Hey, what's that?
20001021vienna103a.jpg (26758 bytes)
Luzern's new old bridge.
20001020vienna17a.jpg (28764 bytes)
Hangin out at the Luzern bridge, a family tradition.

20001021vienna104a.jpg (53257 bytes)
I like these covered bridges.
20001021vienna106a.jpg (50706 bytes)
Me and Isabel, upside down.
20001021vienna107a.jpg (34564 bytes)
Tante Roberta and Onkle Phillipe.

20001020vienna64a.jpg (35672 bytes)
Me and Isabel.
20001021vienna108a.jpg (20753 bytes)
Road to Lauterbrunnen.
20001021vienna105a.jpg (31895 bytes)
A tough day hiking.
20001021vienna109a.jpg (33463 bytes)
Hangin with my Swiss grandma.
20001021vienna110a.jpg (36981 bytes)
Gotti Vicki lives here.  Who-hoo!
20001021vienna111a.jpg (17471 bytes)
Not sure I like this hat, but it is cute.

20001021vienna112a.jpg (50204 bytes)
You sure you know what your doing there, Gottis?
20001021vienna113a.jpg (45959 bytes)
Oldest house in Gimmelwald, carried over the alps from Zermatt.

20001021vienna114a.jpg (30748 bytes)
Getting schleeeepy.
20001021vienna116a.jpg (38593 bytes)
Nice views.
20001105vienna13a.jpg (38691 bytes)
20001021vienna115a.jpg (38424 bytes)
People live here?


20001021vienna117a.jpg (40841 bytes)
Don't fall, Mommy.
20001021vienna118a.jpg (40720 bytes)
We can hike anything.
20001021vienna119a.jpg (38395 bytes)
Schilthorn, baby!
20001020vienna68a.jpg (32282 bytes)
We can't take pictures all day.
20001020vienna66a.jpg (40605 bytes)
I like hair, don't you know?
20001020vienna67a.jpg (39959 bytes)
See what I mean?
20001020vienna69a.jpg (42438 bytes)
Couple of good-looking mountain hikers.

20001020vienna62a.jpg (44990 bytes)
Poco needs a bathroom stop at the next exit.
20001119vienna7a.jpg (26747 bytes)
20001020vienna61a.jpg (29355 bytes)
Tree line again.
20001020vienna59a.jpg (34876 bytes)
Nice village to retire to someday.

20001020vienna63a.jpg (43124 bytes)
Nice bell place.
20001119vienna4a.jpg (34321 bytes) 20001119vienna2a.jpg (18167 bytes)
20001020vienna70a.jpg (40242 bytes)
Gotti Vicki.


20001020vienna71a.jpg (41660 bytes)
Gotti Karin, Me, and Daddy.
20001020vienna72a.jpg (36379 bytes)
Me and those big guys that are always hanging around me.

20001119vienna9a.jpg (25196 bytes) 20001119vienna10a.jpg (21208 bytes)
20001021vienna124a.jpg (26686 bytes)
Mommy and Gotti Vicki.

20001021vienna121a.jpg (33654 bytes)
So much beauty.
20001021vienna122a.jpg (26745 bytes)
So little time.
20001021vienna123a.jpg (32155 bytes)
Schnee wall.
20001021vienna120a.jpg (45072 bytes)
Grosse Gletcher.
20001021vienna125a.jpg (33683 bytes)
Chatting among the mountains.

20001021vienna126a.jpg (30200 bytes)
Can you belive it?
20001021vienna127a.jpg (26322 bytes)
Do you ever get used to this?
20001021vienna128a.jpg (35329 bytes)
Next mountain conquest.
20001021vienna129a.jpg (57453 bytes)
Elusive adelweisse.
20001021vienna137a.jpg (34754 bytes)
20001021vienna131a.jpg (54204 bytes)
Cow ignoring us.
20001021vienna132a.jpg (30622 bytes)
Edge of the world.
20001021vienna133a.jpg (38130 bytes)
Almost to the top.
20001021vienna134a.jpg (36897 bytes)
Not your average meadow.

20001021vienna135a.jpg (40192 bytes)
Humble barn.
20001021vienna136a.jpg (40747 bytes)
Cow tipping.
20001021vienna139a.jpg (34303 bytes)
Hikin Mom.
20001021vienna130a.jpg (25076 bytes)
Been there.
20001021vienna138a.jpg (36437 bytes)
Guess who's sleeping?

20001021vienna140a.jpg (24267 bytes)
Watch your step.

20001105vienna6a.jpg (29092 bytes) 20001105vienna7a.jpg (26693 bytes) 20001105vienna8a.jpg (27925 bytes) 20001105vienna9a.jpg (30102 bytes)
20001105vienna15a.jpg (41543 bytes) 20001105vienna16a.jpg (34148 bytes) 20001105vienna17a.jpg (42622 bytes) 20001105vienna14a.jpg (23326 bytes) 20001119vienna11a.jpg (16818 bytes)
20001105vienna10a.jpg (47859 bytes) 20001105vienna12a.jpg (46612 bytes) 20001119vienna8a.jpg (17694 bytes) 20001119vienna6a.jpg (24786 bytes) 20001119vienna3a.jpg (25275 bytes)
20001105vienna5a.jpg (35601 bytes) 20001105vienna4a.jpg (32716 bytes) 20001105vienna3a.jpg (36570 bytes) 20001105vienna1a.jpg (20654 bytes) 20001105vienna2a.jpg (20813 bytes)
20001021vienna145a.jpg (22745 bytes)
Me and Gotti Vicki.
20001021vienna144a.jpg (25802 bytes)
We like each other.
20001021vienna141a.jpg (24494 bytes)
Whoa, you don't see that everyday.

20001021vienna142a.jpg (32103 bytes)
Those crazy cows.
20001021vienna143a.jpg (36227 bytes)
They sure are big.
20001021vienna146a.jpg (36628 bytes)
Me hitting the Brienzersee.
20001021vienna148a.jpg (39598 bytes)
Killer Swans.
20001021vienna149a.jpg (35218 bytes)
Me hitting the Thunersee.
20001105vienna11a.jpg (22360 bytes) 20001021vienna153a.jpg (31141 bytes)
Balmers Exchange rates on Oct 9, 2000.

20001021vienna150a.jpg (38243 bytes)
Balmers Baby.
20001021vienna151a.jpg (37586 bytes)
Couple of Jungfraus at Balmers.
20001021vienna152a.jpg (40976 bytes)
Shone Swiss knife display.
20001021vienna155a.jpg (39035 bytes)
Nice store.
20001021vienna154a.jpg (40222 bytes)
Would you like to go Bungy Jumping?  I'll be your guide.

20001021vienna156a.jpg (41081 bytes)
Meeting Nanny and Razor.

20001021vienna157a.jpg (24860 bytes)
Having fun here in Florida.
20001021vienna158a.jpg (29190 bytes)
Grandpa Jerry and Me.
20001021vienna163a.jpg (25951 bytes)
I like your nose, may I?
20001021vienna164a.jpg (27008 bytes)
Can I grab your nose, too, Nan?
20001021vienna162a.jpg (22625 bytes)
Looking good even sucking my finger.

20001021vienna170a.jpg (17951 bytes)
Not sure about this.
20001021vienna161a.jpg (23314 bytes)
That's a funny one.
20001021vienna168a.jpg (26903 bytes)
Matching my blue eyes.
20001021vienna166a.jpg (41906 bytes)
Hangin at Nan and Razor's house.

20001021vienna165a.jpg (33495 bytes)
Playing with Nanny.
20001021vienna167a.jpg (41076 bytes)
My Uncle Rainer Dude.
20001021vienna169a.jpg (37343 bytes)
Cute chick at the beach.
20001021vienna171a.jpg (37455 bytes)
Uncle Rainer's 6th birthday party.

20001021vienna173a.jpg (33618 bytes)
Fruit Loop the clown.
20001021vienna174a.jpg (34228 bytes)
That crazy clown.
20001021vienna172a.jpg (28144 bytes)
I love my purple balloon.
20001021vienna190a.jpg (32572 bytes)
This is a wacky magic wand.
20001021vienna177a.jpg (28865 bytes)
Rainer getting the final hit on the pinata.

20001021vienna176a.jpg (32924 bytes)
Candy grab.
20001021vienna182a.jpg (34813 bytes)
Mickey Moushhhh.
20001021vienna183a.jpg (24270 bytes)
Me and Abuelita Marlene.
20001228vienna1a.JPG (32088 bytes)
20001021vienna179a.jpg (26722 bytes)
A little harder Razor, I think I almost got my whole hand in.

20001021vienna178a.jpg (29578 bytes)
Me and the Razster.
20001021vienna180a.jpg (30099 bytes)
Life is tough, don't you think, Razor?
20001021vienna185a.jpg (26164 bytes)
I like you guys.
20001021vienna186a.jpg (24283 bytes)
Can they come home with us, Mommy?
20001021vienna187a.jpg (30203 bytes)
Man, you're strong, Nanny.
20001021vienna188a.jpg (25029 bytes)
You're fun, Nanny.

20001021vienna189a.jpg (31723 bytes)
Harmonica Whiz.
20001021vienna191a.jpg (38502 bytes)
Me and Grandpappy.
20001228vienna2a.JPG (23700 bytes)
20001021vienna192a.jpg (30641 bytes)
I like her Mommy.
20001021vienna193a.jpg (29647 bytes)
Me and and Nanny.
20001021vienna194a.jpg (36433 bytes)
I can go for this lifestyle.
20001105vienna25a.jpg (20997 bytes) 20001021vienna184a.jpg (19787 bytes)
The usual.

20001105vienna27a.jpg (20104 bytes)

20001105vienna26a.jpg (24193 bytes)

20001105vienna20a.jpg (22590 bytes)











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