Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose


Vienna's Sixth Month
Best of Vienna Photos from My Sixth Month, September 2000.
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20001229vienna2a.jpg (35014 bytes)
Aunt Jen feeding Me.

20001229vienna3a.jpg (34410 bytes)
Uncle Rick.

20001229vienna4a.jpg (36481 bytes)
Aunt Jen.

20001229vienna1a.jpg (33081 bytes)
Uncle Rick and Aunt Jen.

20000910a.jpg (262498 bytes)
Uncle Chris and Me.

20000910b.jpg (255167 bytes)
Bila's avocado.

20000910c.jpg (174509 bytes)

20001021vienna1a.jpg (38050 bytes)
Meeting Grandpa Jerry, Abuelita Marlene, and Uncle Rainer.

20001020vienna3a.jpg (44473 bytes)
Me, Mom, Uncle, and Grandpa.

20001020vienna4a.jpg (32266 bytes)

20001020vienna2a.jpg (31704 bytes)
Blue eyes.

20001020vienna1a.jpg (44311 bytes)

20001021vienna2a.jpg (30064 bytes)
Good looking Dude.

20001021vienna3a.jpg (35754 bytes)
More blue eyes.

20001021vienna4a.jpg (30602 bytes)
Cousin Kristen and her beachball.

20001021vienna5a.jpg (26789 bytes)
Good ol Cousin Kristen.

20001020vienna5a.jpg (35945 bytes)

20001021vienna6a.jpg (30138 bytes)
Kristen loves me.

20001021vienna7a.jpg (29144 bytes)
Partying with Aunt Alma.

20001021vienna8a.jpg (27472 bytes)
Just thinking, OK?

20001021vienna9a.jpg (30576 bytes)
I love my Mommy and my Bila.

20001021vienna10a.jpg (35093 bytes)
Staged photo, can you tell?

20001020vienna6a.jpg (27543 bytes)
Ever here of a zoom?

20001021vienna11a.jpg (23627 bytes)
TJ, Kristen and Me.

20001021vienna12a.jpg (26787 bytes)
Getting tired of this photo thing.

20001021vienna13a.jpg (26642 bytes)
Gee your hair tastes terrific.

20001021vienna14a.jpg (28292 bytes)
Godmother Shannon and Cousin Taylor.

20001021vienna16a.jpg (30326 bytes)
Aunt Marsha and Me.

20001020vienna7a.jpg (24913 bytes)
Cousin Cameron's older, but I'm bigger.

20001020vienna8a.jpg (25300 bytes)
Chicken fight.
20001020vienna14a.jpg (26467 bytes)
Me and my Miami Godmother.
20001021vienna15a.jpg (28562 bytes)
Crazy Cousin Taylor.
20001020vienna13a.jpg (30285 bytes)
Eatin at Bila's.
20001021vienna17a.jpg (31627 bytes)
Tia Mireya and Me.
20001021vienna18a.jpg (39994 bytes)
Tia Alma Gata and Me.

20001021vienna20a.jpg (49832 bytes)
Hiking the Teck.
20001021vienna22a.jpg (45984 bytes)
Cousin Frankie, Bjorn, and Carolin.

20001021vienna19a.jpg (44927 bytes)
Carolin and her Grandpa.
20001021vienna26a.jpg (35327 bytes)
Nay, sussmost!
20001021vienna25a.jpg (39546 bytes)
Ina and the gang.
20001021vienna24a.jpg (43019 bytes)
Cousin Eric and Me playing.
20001021vienna23a.jpg (45033 bytes)
Eric was born on the day I wanted to be : Feb 29, 2000.

20001021vienna21a.jpg (37947 bytes)
Purple sleeper.
20001020vienna15a.jpg (30846 bytes)
Hangin out at Ina and Harald's.
20001020vienna26a.jpg (56378 bytes)
Hansel leading the cows down from Obersteinberg.

20001020vienna25a.jpg (57848 bytes)
Vicki and crazy cows.
20001020vienna24a.jpg (54704 bytes)
Grusse mit a cu.
20001020vienna28a.jpg (46868 bytes)
Daddy, Me, and some cows.
20001020vienna36a.jpg (59281 bytes)
My hiking throne, now where'd my donkey go?
20001020vienna31a.jpg (36032 bytes)
Hiking buddies.
20001020vienna29a.jpg (37076 bytes)
20001020vienna30a.jpg (43744 bytes)
Tourist shot with Gottmutter Vicki.
20001020vienna32a.jpg (44398 bytes)
More cows.
20001021vienna29a.jpg (44630 bytes)
Can't get enough cows.

20001021vienna28a.jpg (43483 bytes)
A little close there, Daddio.
20001020vienna35a.jpg (29682 bytes)
Possible Christmas picture.

20001020vienna34a.jpg (39194 bytes)
Nice barn, eh?
20001020vienna33a.jpg (27407 bytes)
Yes, I'm available, why?.
20001021vienna30a.jpg (38419 bytes)
Nice cow.

20001021vienna31a.jpg (31012 bytes)
Sittin with Mommy.

20001021vienna32a.jpg (37793 bytes)
Brienzer Rothornbahn steam train.

20001021vienna38a.jpg (38209 bytes)
Mommy at a stream.
20001021vienna36a.jpg (47456 bytes)
Hikin Mom.
20001021vienna37a.jpg (49433 bytes)
Cow waterfountain.
20001020vienna52a.jpg (30173 bytes)
20001021vienna33a.jpg (22923 bytes)
Nice view up here.
20001021vienna34a.jpg (32600 bytes)
Mudslide area that wiped out parts of a village a few years ago.

20001021vienna35a.jpg (29752 bytes)
Rothorn wegsign.
20001020vienna55a.jpg (34187 bytes)
Are we there yet?
20001020vienna51a.jpg (34920 bytes)
We can hike all day.
20001021vienna43a.jpg (29977 bytes)
Super cheeser.
20001021vienna39a.jpg (35900 bytes)
Mommy at the cheesefest.

20001021vienna40a.jpg (32453 bytes)
I like the music.
20001021vienna41a.jpg (37895 bytes)
Partying at the cheesefest.
20001021vienna42a.jpg (32522 bytes)
My Swiss Grandma.
20001021vienna44a.jpg (36487 bytes)
Checking on the cheese.
20001020vienna40a.jpg (30843 bytes)
Gottmutter Vicki and her cheese.
20001020vienna56a.jpg (24511 bytes)
The cheese konig.


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