Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose


Vienna's Fifth Month
Best of Vienna Photos from My Fifth Month, August 2000.
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Got Milk?
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Like my Hat?
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Not sure I like the look of this.


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Grammy and Me.
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Me and Poco.
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Like my shirt?
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Daddy trying to put me to sleep.
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Daddy's trying to make me smile.
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You didn't think I could sit up, did you?


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Me and Fling.
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Mommy loves me.
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I'm always growing out of stuff.


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Pretty and plump.
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Oops, wedgie again.

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Just hanging out.

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Can't I just suck on Poco in peace?
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Hana, Vienna, and Ryan catching some rays.


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Nothing better than me and my Poco.
20000808vienna2a.jpg (64596 bytes)
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I'm a little little for my jumpster.
20000826vienna44a.jpg (42359 bytes)
But I can still do stuff.
20000826vienna45a.jpg (31420 bytes)
Cutest picture of me so far.


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Not bad.
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Tie Dye, Dude.
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Hat and cheeks.


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Me and Mamacita.
20000809vienna14a.jpg (29703 bytes)
Hangin with my homies.
20000809vienna6a.jpg (28264 bytes)
Let's roll, Baby.
20000809vienna13a.jpg (13629 bytes)
Ready for my first boat ride.
20000809vienna5a.jpg (36558 bytes)
AQ and Cameron, Nanny and Me.
20000809vienna7a.jpg (22053 bytes)
Me and my boppy.
20000826vienna30a.jpg (90768 bytes)
My toys are getting me.


20000826vienna33a.jpg (90481 bytes)
Who's socks are who's?
20000809vienna11a.jpg (19052 bytes)
Me on Daddy at the zoo.
20000826vienna31a.jpg (92245 bytes)
Tie Dye napper.
20000909i.jpg (26669 bytes)
Raffi Dancing with Daddy.
20000826vienna40a.jpg (49713 bytes)
Tummy Time.
20000826vienna41a.jpg (26646 bytes)
Not liking this.
20000826vienna42a.jpg (47741 bytes)
What part of not liking this don't you understand?


20000809vienna8a.jpg (12311 bytes)
Eric, Ana and Nicholas, and us at the Doyle Park movie.


20000809vienna10a.jpg (13660 bytes)
Me and Daddy getting ready to board the yacht.
20000809vienna9a.jpg (9390 bytes)
Me, Mommy and Daddy heading to Humphreys.
20001019vienna3a.jpg (37916 bytes)
The girls.
20001019vienna6a.jpg (31084 bytes)
Sleeping on AQ.
20001019vienna1a.jpg (23152 bytes)
Me and Duck Duck on the jumpster.
20001019vienna2a.jpg (30908 bytes)
AQ gave me this cool shirt.
20001019vienna5a.jpg (41153 bytes)
Helping Mommy with my photo album.
20001019vienna4a.jpg (22773 bytes)
Really liking this jumpster thing.
20000809vienna12a.jpg (18421 bytes)
Bunch of monkeys.


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