Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose


Vienna's Fourth Month
Best of Vienna Photos from My Fourth Month, July 2000.
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Whatchu lookin at?
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Am I getting cuter, or what?

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Lap Dancer.
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Lap Giggler.
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Me and Daddy at the Del Mar Fair 2000.
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Mommy and Me at the beach.
20000710vienna10a.jpg (26986 bytes)
I'm little next to Mommy.


20000711vienna5a.jpg (60247 bytes)
My first photo op, and I just had to suck my thumb.
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Naked Play Time.
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Clown Suit.
20000710vienna18a.jpg (26410 bytes)
Mommy and Daddy on Father's Day 2000.


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Shoulder Jockey.

Aunt Quelda and me.
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Mommy and Me.


20000710vienna7a.jpg (15907 bytes)
Passport Photo.


20000710vienna31a.jpg (16055 bytes)
Now that's a full tummy.


20000710vienna32a.jpg (21950 bytes)
Me and Daddy looking at pictures at the Fair.


20000710vienna1a.jpg (21343 bytes)
Me and my chair.
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Laughing in my chair.
20000710vienna3a.jpg (16696 bytes)
Thinking in my chair.
20000710vienna25a.jpg (22320 bytes)
I like my car seat.
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Daddy and Me on Father's Day 2000.


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Thinking in my car seat.
20000710vienna29a.jpg (18949 bytes)
Daddy kissing on Me.
20000710vienna12a.jpg (15973 bytes)
Daddy's bigger, but I'm taller.
20000710vienna13a.jpg (23249 bytes)
Daddy and Me on Father's Day 2000.
20000710vienna5a.jpg (21347 bytes)
Slicked up.
20000710vienna33a.jpg (27716 bytes)
Daddy and Me winning second place in the Diaper Contest at the Fair.
20000710vienna34a.jpg (21214 bytes)
Daddy, Me, and cows at the Fair.


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