Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose


Vienna's Third Month
Best of Vienna Photos from My Third Month, June 2000.
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I love to think.

I love to laugh.

Me playing and laughing.

Do you think you're close enough already?

Now that's funny.

See how fast I can move my arms and legs?

Aunt Phuong sure is nice.

One more word out of you, Elmo, and I'll bop you.

Mommy and ee at the Santa Barbara Mission.

Mommy and me during lunchtime.

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Aunt Quelda, Mommy, Me, and Nanny.

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Mommy, Me, and Nanny

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Aunt Quelda, Mommy, Me, and Nanny.


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Nanny and Me.

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I'm a big girl.

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Santa Barbara 2000.

Uncle Red and Me.

Aunt Dode and Me.

Cameron, Courtney and Me.

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Me and some flower friends. 


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