Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose


Vienna's Second Month
Best of Vienna Photos from My Second Month, May 2000.
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No comment required.

Penny for your thoughts?
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Sleeping on Grammy.

Everybody happy.

Nicholas and Vienna playing.

Grammy & Pa meet Vienna.

Will smile for milk.

Vienna up close.

Vienna's first Easter, 2000.

Christie, Nanny, and Baby.

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby (bottom right).

They tell me I'm cute, what do you think?

Find the least happy one.

How long is this photo-op, anyways?

Thanks for the burp; mind if I spit-up?

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Daddy and Me when I used to wake up in the middle of the night.


Happy grandparents and milk-seeking baby.

Stroller Dude.
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Grandparents, parents, and Me. 
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Daddy, Mommy, and Me.
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Grammy, Pa, and Me. 
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Me sleeping. 
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Mommy and Me. 

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Daddy and Me. 

Nanny and Vienna


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My Sit-Up Booster Boppy.

Any milk today, Daddy?
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Grandparents , parents, and Me.


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