Vienna Rose

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Vienna Rose


Vienna's First Month
Best of Vienna Photos from My First Month, April 2000.
Click on the little pictures to view them larger.

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Mommy and cute little Me, but not as cute as I will be.


This is where they change me.

My first stroller ride.

See my belly button stump?

Watching toys watch me.
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Me and Mommy.

Should I sleep, milk, or poo?
That is the question.

This is my good side.

How come I'm so small, Daddy?

Prime sleeping position.
Arms up, head turned to my right, free penguin.


It's almost milk time!  Who-Hoooo!!
(Milk time follows diaper changing time, and this is my famous "Milk Face")

Now if I can just get some milk out of this thing.

I'm Uncle John, who are you?

You sure make some funny faces, Uncle John.

Baths sure put me to sleep.

I like Aunt Rynn.

Hi, Uncle Carlos, would you mind changing my diaper?

Hmmm, Now, how can I get them to attend to my needs more quickly?

Daddy's little girl.

I kind of like this place.


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall . . .

Do I know you?
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Always looking up.


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